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Stage 1 Turbo - LH2.4 & EZK116

  • Stage 1 Turbo - LH2.4 & EZK116

This chipset will provide an improved b230ft turbo mapping without immobilisation for your 984 or earlier 9xx series ecu. Upgrade your wastegate to increase boost pressure further to 1.0 bar and expect up to 185whp @ 340Nm with the stock 13c turbo and injectors!

Fuel types supported:
RON95 and RON98 fuel mappings can be provided.

DIY Installation:
Let us know your ecu number, install the chips yourself, detailed instructions included. We highly recommend a ESD safe workstation, as these chips are sensitive to static electricity and damage can be done to the ECU if not properly handled.

HarrieCo Installation Service:
Send us your ECU set and we will ship them back with the chips installed. Estimated return in one week if chipsets are in stock.

Be aware that modifying your ecu might not be legal in your area, always check your local regulations!